Criminal Motions and Appeals

Already an experienced trial and appellate advocate, Judge Gartner, in his years as the judge assigned to a criminal Individual Assignment Part, was responsible for overseeing a docket of almost 900 criminal cases in every phase of prosecution, from initial post-arraignment conferences through pre-trial motions, hearings, plea bargaining, trial, post-trial motions, and sentencing. He also presided at the arraignment phase of defendants charged with every manner of criminal offense, and in the part of the court devoted to conferencing, conducting preliminary hearings, and if possible resolving, felony prosecutions.

The firm is available to handle not only the usual defense of criminal matters, but to assist the profession, on a special counsel or of counsel basis, with motions and appeals which present issues of urgency and complexity going beyond the routine, and which require particular creativity, originality, experience, and ability.

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